Rubber pig night

On Saturday night I went over to bound4mestpaul, or Sir for short ;). Leading up to the week I was required to wear a chastity device and diapers both of which kept me very submissive and very horny. I had to wear a rubber hood every night and had video and picture tasks each morning and evening. Sir knew what kept me horny and decisive instructions were one of them.

On Saturday I was required to shave, clean out, plug up, bring a lot of gear and bike over by 4pm. I didn’t have tie to shave fully and my ass was not cooperating with my plug. My body was also ready to get rid of my chastity chaffing.

Upon arrival, I put on the rubber hood, Sirs wonderfully comfortable and practical tube gag, and handcuffs. We started downstairs with bondage on the bed where I learned of his intent and my punishments for not doing things I was supposed to. For every infraction, he added time to the box: a contraption built to hold a body inside without movement and to seal in liquids, holes and padlocks included. It ended up being 7 hours that I was sentenced with but 2.25 was how long I practically lasted.

I was whipped, spanned, tied into a hogtie, kept in a sleep sack and fed a lot of fresh piss. Always gagged and hooded. After the sun went down I was tied into a puppy position and fed piss soaked dog food out of a dog dish. This was probably the hottest but least favorite experience as a whole. I had also filled my diaper by now so we moved upstairs where there was a working toilet and other devices.

Upstairs I was laid on the bed for some sensual fun between Sir and I before I was put into the box. My dick was finally really from chastity but put into a cock sheath with a tube that would eventually lead to my mouth later on. Once I was placed in the box, styrofoam pieces were added to make the movement very restrictive. Another thing to not is that Sir is not afraid to tell me that I had gained weight- it creates problems with using gear when he is rather thin and I need someone to call me out on it.

Sir could’ve been vindictive but he wanted to stay near me to make sure I was safe and I was making too many protests when awake and snored too loud when I’d fall asleep. When you are a sub in pitch black you tend to fall asleep after long periods no matter how uncomfortable. He took me out of the box in the middle of the night, stuck me in a large rubber suit and made me sleep on the floor til morning.

In the morning I was brought back downstairs and fed a lot more piss. Fresh piss was used for 90% of the time which I was thankful for. In the end, I was allowed to cum. I helped clean up, we talked and I got a ride home with all my gear.

It was yet another great experience with bound4mestpaul. ūüôā


Gear night

On Saturday I went out in a full leather harness, a pair of shorts, and black sneakers. Simple but gear. It was more about going out and meeting my Sir than wearing the next fabulous outfit. I carries my Sir’s fabulous fisting shopping bag he gave me today after our workout. I was mainly excited to be seeing my Sir at gear night- this was our first semi-public appearance.

Gear night was very fun and social. I saw a lot of friendly faces and was a lot more comfortable than last month. I believe part of it was that I knew I could always come back to my Sir if I felt uncomfortable. But alas we were both having fun. I also liked that my Sir was enjoying himself and is not a dud in social scenes. It’s important to me that he is someone people look up to. That night, he was the in control flogger Dom.

In addition, he caught me completely by surprise. We were going Criags house of all people. I thought Craig wanted nothing to do with me. Granted he has his preferences, as we all do but I felt extremely humbled and happy that my Sir called in a favor for my birthday. The actual scene at Craig’s was fun as well. I had never tried suspension. However it is becoming apparent I need to work on my sub space. I truly truly think it has something to do with me in this grown up job and being single. Changing hats to taking command as a complete submissive interferes with my pride. And I don’t want that. I want to release. I think I could’ve had a lot more fun if I would’ve let go a little more (and a little less to drink as I typically don’t drink and play). However I was still fully happy I got to see Craig’s playroom and experience it for the first time with my Sir present. I don’t think suspension bondage is very practical for longer term scenes.

I don’t know if I thought this then but I do think it now. I do wish more would’ve been forced on me as a submissive. I rarely regret “going too far”; its usually “I wish we had done that”. One thing, if it made my Sir happy would be to drink his piss out of a bottle at the bar. And to stay in a sub space for x amount of time.

I am very happy with my Sir. Like I said- it was the only gift I received besides from mom. And didn’t cost anything. I want to continue to please my Sir with his current commands and eventually maybe a few more- when he is ready.

Diaper boy

This last weekend was a really great experience in Mobile AL. I took a bold move to skip IML and receive some one on one time with a fetish I have relating back to being controlled: forced diaper wear.

It felt comfortable being around someone who enjoyed diapering a boy and wanted to. Not just because he knew it turned me on. And it’s hard to find someone who isn’t for the angle of age-play; its for submission, control, humiliation. There were some grey instances of age play: wearing diapers and plastic pants with prints. A couple times he made me have a pacifier in my mouth while he talked in the car.

I really enjoyed the bulky diapers and the forced evacuation scenes. Plus the scenes with bondage. It was also really good for me as I needed to drink a lot of water to fill my diapers. I especially got hard when I genuinely tired of being diapered and wanted out and he’d force me to stay in them or give me options to choose from.

A couple things I didn’t like: he would laugh at me. It seemed dumb- he likes diapers too so why are you laughing at me?

The second one is a bigger realization. He was telling me to do something I didn’t want to in the bathroom and it dawned on me- maybe I don’t want a full time Dom as a partner. In the end I need to be able to have the final say and make my own choices. Maybe I really am better suited to have a kinky partner but an outside Dom.

Gear night recap

After a semi-successful camping trip, we decided to head back home early.  Friday night, a boy came over who was local and they fucked him.  On Saturday, we had a little fun in the tent.

I was semi-forced to come out to the Eagle that night since I left my phone in the car and Ivan was going to gear night and invited me. I had no reason not to go since I was supposed to be with him.  So that was good.  I wore a neoprene wetsuit, neoprene boots and a blue nasty pig hat.  Full coverage for two reasons: I was cold all day and wanted to be warm, and it covers up my insecurities.

While the Eagle is my favorite bar, and the kinksters are “my people”, I for some reason am not friends with many kinksters. ¬†Luckily, it was a good turnout since everyone was out to see Ryan off. ¬†However, since Ivan was busy taking video, I was a bit on my own. ¬†I just don’t have many close ties to the kink community. ¬†There are some people I’ve played with I’m not keen on talking to, a couple who havent always been the warmest to me (Josh , Jared, Craig), and I’m self conscious when people don’t like me. ¬†I’m generally a likeable person, so to not have people come up to me and say hi, in my own community, makes me feel uncomfortable.

In general, I don’t go out solo. I have more fun when I meet a friend somewhere and then talk to someone- call it a safety blanket but it’s what I do. ¬†When I travel and go out by myself, I act in similar fashion. ¬†I’d rather have people who are with me.

It was fun talking to people after a while. ¬†John spoke to me about us both wanting to be urinals and possibly carpooling down to IML together. ¬†He’s hot :). ¬†Also, Greg took my hat for fun. ¬†

I could have overcome me being uncomfortable by a self pep-talk, working through my esteem issues, etc. ¬†Otherwise, I could have come with a friend but that would’ve been my security blanket. ¬†I do sometimes go out alone and then I’ll talk to people, and there are plenty of people I know, and I’m social, but I’ll overcompensate sometimes. ¬†And it comes across to some as overbearing. ¬†And judgements are thrown at me. ¬†So I’d rather walk in with someone else who is liked or really just someone i genuinely like. ¬†And I don’t think that is a bad thing. ¬†But I’m open to feedback ūüôā